Friday, March 23, 2012

Story Review: The Shroud

The Shroud
by: Anonymous

The story The Shroud was one of the first pieces of erotica I can remember reading, if not, then as far back as I can or care to remember. -snickers- This story still sits in my depository of all time favorites as it is well written, very unique, and extremely enjoyable. When I reread this story not to long ago I was completely recaptured in the feelings that had gripped me in. The Shroud is a little on the short side, but I think that adds to the sexiness, it is captured through mood instead of drawn out transformation or sex. Not that I would complain if there was either. I give The Shroud 4 out 5 for nostalgia and story

(This is also another bit of a rewrite of something off the other blog, but I felt it needed to be in a mor appropriate place. Mony.)

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