Friday, March 23, 2012

Interview: Monyca Medusa Meiyers

Monyca Medusa Meiyers

Me: So Self, you have been a long time fan of asfr and long time lurker in the community, when do you think it became something important to you?

Self: Hmmm, that's a good question, I think my interest in asfr started when I was pretty young before I can even remember it being a turn on. I remember when I was very young standing in a store window once pretending I was a mannequin.

M: Which brings me to my next question. What is your favorite type of asfr transformation?

S: Without a doubt mannequins.

M: Why mannequins?

S: Well mannequins are nice because it allows you to in a way keep the character whole. They are in essence still who they were. That and I have a secret voyeur/exhibitionism fetish so I like the idea of being that way in public and having no one knowing about it.

M: What is the second favorite asfr transformation?

S: The good old statue. Statues are nice because they have a little more freedom in circumstance then mannequins do. Statues are not as limited to locale like a mannequin is, and I think petrification has been rendered in multi-media much better as a transformation then the others in the genre.

M: When can you remember first knowing it was a turn on?

S: I was about 14 I think. Which is when you are in that weird stage where you don't know what is your thing and your super impressionable. There was a huge collision of things that I think happened and I can't put my finger on which came first. I had been playing roleplaying games and watching anime quite a bit when I was introduced into the theme of transformation. Particularly gender and inanimate. So when this all collided I was just swept away in the flood and have been carried away every since.

M: What really drove home the fact this was a huge passion?

S: The internet. I was a teenager in the dawn of the internet and I began to use it more frequently as I got out of school. Before then I figured I was the strangest person on the planet, who gets off to the idea of being turned into a girl mannequin? Then I got online and found out that there was quite a number of people who do. Being able to discuss and share this was like a dream, which I don't know if some of the younger kinksters out there take this for granted or if it has just became a notion of their life but when I was able to truly express this I felt more relieved then ever before in my life.

M: You said you enjoyed gender transformation as well, has that been a something you look for in your asfr.?

S: When I was younger yes, it was something that I was always on the hunt for. Identity loss is also a turn on but only if it's a forced thing where the victim is desperate to escape. Becoming the opposite gender and then petrified is like the ultimate expression of that, not only have you had your identity stripped through becoming the opposite sex your now trapped on top of it.

M: Whats your favorite style of the genre?

S: I am not sure if I have a favorite, i think I really like each for it's own positives. I think I started with the photomanips which were so awesome just to see the genre in a physical form.Then I looked into erotica which is probably my closest to a favorite, I have read some stories that are just absolutely beautiful and so well written, thats not to say I don't enjoy a nice straight to the point asfr smut. I was a little resistent to the rise of the cg style that has came about in the last few years but there has been some artists out there that have really made me come around to it. I'd really, and I mean really like to see more asfr themed film, the little snippets over the years have been way more miss then hit, and it's always just a side note to the story. Some animation has had shows that hit the mark but again it's a one off thing.

M: Do you make any contributions to the genre other then lurking about?

S: Have made a small amount. Mostly photomanip machinima from the program Second Life, but a good friend of mine and I have recently started a series that I have really started to enjoy writing for.

M: Do you have a favorite author or artist?

S: I am the word's hugest fan of Drake of Medusariffic. I have been following his work for going on a decade now and absolutely love anything he produces.

M: How much of an impact has asfr made on you as a whole?

S: Oh wow, a total. I have been resistant to it for a long time but it is moving in stages, started out as an interest, then a fetish, then an obsession, and now it is becoming a life style. I started out years ago doing asfr related costuming just as a kink and I'm hoping that in the next year I will be able to take it out of the bedroom and get some real world application.

M: Well I thank you for your time and will let you get back to doing some thing I do not approve of.
S: Your desires have never been a concern of mine so... there.

Well I want to thank everyone who even glances at this. Means a lot for you to take as much interest in my little project as the stats are showing. So I need to do a little revamping of my other blog by blogger to keep it more personal focused and this one a little more genre focused. I am gonna do a little house cleaning and take a couple of the things from there and move them over to here. To begin with I am gonna re-post the interview I did with myself, you read that right, here. This is the beginning of idea I got for doing the interviews and the process. Again Thanks. Mony.

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