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Interview: Drake

Interview: Drake

From when I can first remember being left unsupervised alone with the internet I was looking up pictures of statues. And in the majority of that time a name has popped up again and again. I have long followed this artist and admired his work in the ASFR genre. Around 4 years ago I made this super well indention'd attempt to let him know just how much I appreciated all of the work he has done over the years and some how he got out of the extremely incoherent ramblings that I wanted to join the cast of Medusariffic. By this point I had dug a grave so deep I was terrified to say anything to the contrary. Today I cherish my friendship with Drake and still appreciate everything he has done for both me and the comunity as a whole.

With further ado, I present to you all... Drake.

Monyca Medusa Meiyers: How did you discover ASFR?
Drake: In the early days of the Internet, I was doing a few searches on Medusa and suddenly.  ASFR.  Even in the early days - no matter what your fetish - you could connect with like minded people.
M: What made you decide to begin making art for the genre?
D: Pretty much right after finding the genre online; it isn't enough to witness or consume - you have to create and contribute.
M: What's your favorite medium to work in?
D: The mind.  While I am currently working with 3D; it is the idea of inanimate transformation that fascinates me and it can emerge in so many different mediums.
M: Is there an ASFR style you like more then others?
D: For material I am partial to stone and gold in that order; for scenario I like the unwilling victim taken from fear to orgasmic pleasure and transformed at the height of climax.  I also prefer the victim be aware or semi aware in the transformed state; with the potential to be restored, even that restoration is never fully realized.  Something like this.
M: Who is your favorite character you created to work with?
D: Elaine Blonde and her supporting cast; as I can drop them into almost any genre with a minimum of trouble.  Maxine Midnight is a much purer genre creation; but due to  my decision to wrap her in a very specific set of genre elements, she lacks the versatility of Elaine, Trish, Dee and X.  I think when taken as the whole, the Maxine Midnight stories are better; but Elaine Blonde is more fun to write and create with.
M: Is there anything you draw inspiration from?
D: Pretty much everything;  while Elaine Blonde started as a straight up spy satire, I have hit a lot of genres - mystic, video games, superheroines, pulp and even the classics, like The Most Dangerous Game. Satire lends itself to virtually any target - one of my regrets is never completing my Moral Majority story, where the secondary conflict is based around a Mary Whitehouse parody taking control of Elaine's agency.
M: What was your first piece of work you did in the genre?
D: I don't remember.  The file is over... five computers ago (I have been doing this for well over a decade); so the date created/date modified data is no longer accurate.  There's over 800 images, documents and movies before I moved fully over to 3d work.  (I just checked... some of them I didn't even remember- some of the early animations were hot, even if they are rough work.)
M: Why did you make the jump from manipulations to computer generated work?
D: That one is easy.  I like to tell stories and I felt very limited in the stories I could tell with photo-manips.  I had to spend huge amounts of time looking for images that I could string together into a semi-cohesive story; and while I had some success, it was more adapting the story to available material.  With the current computer generated work, I have far more freedom to tell the stories I want to.
M: Do you like to mix ASFR with other genres, as you did with Maxine Midnight combining ASFR and pulp?
D: Yes.  Not just yes, hell yes.  From espionage to two-fisted pulp to science fiction, fantasy; come to think of it, there are very few genres I haven't dipped my creative toes into.
M: Why is Miss Miyama so effing hot?
D: I genuinely don't know.  She is one of my most popular creations, but one I put very little thought of in the genesis.  Normally I plot, plan and think of the why and how when creating villains.  She is an authority figure (Teacher) who exercises power over those under her charge (her students); which is a very strong taboo, and therefore doubly naughty. Here, I'll let her take a stab at it.


M: Are there any artists you enjoy particularly?
D: Way back in the day; an artist called JLS produced some of my favorite ASFR manips of all time.  I still consider his Bobbie image one of the single greatest ASFR works ever.  CMQ is another great artist, whose work both written and drawn is top notch; the Candy Cane and the Golden Dildo of Midas is still right up there in my top five of all time.  Panic for his art and writing, Argo for doing 3D work that astounds me every time, and many others.  Though truth be told, I like everyone who takes the time and burns the lean tissue to contribute to the genre.  In the words of Dr. Han - you have my gratitude.
M: How would you like the genre of ASFR expand?
D: Outward.  While it would be nice to see some mainstream adult films embrace ASFR (I have been working of a script...) there are now plenty of fetish artists producing short films in the genre; I would like to see more and more people step up and create.  There has never been a better time, there are lots of free resources and tools available and a wide pool of tutorials and mentors to call on.
M: Do you have any current or future projects?
D: Always.  Right now I am working on a Sword, Sorcery and Sappho Japanese style visual novel game; this is my first time both writing in the Visual Novel format, and learning the particular program I am using, so it is a lot of fun.   I have multiple issues of Medusariffic going, and have plans for completing the current Maxine Midnight story arc and starting up another one.  Somewhere along to line I would also like to start taking commissions, or perhaps do some for-pay projects; but I still haven't figured out how I am going to fit it into my current schedule.
All the best,

How can I thank Drake enough for what he did for this interview. He is always going above and beyond my expectations. Please go out and give Drake some love through his web site or any place you see his name.

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