Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exhibit: Vintage Mannequin

Exhibit: Vintage Mannequin
Avatar: Maniquin Stepford
By: Maniquin Stepford
Beggining Date: 8-9-06

I said I had typed in my ASFR favorites into the SL search once and I had found my mistress and lover, there was another person who popped up in that mannequin search. For the first few months on SL I was pretty preoccupied with Roen but eventually I was able to meet Mani. And it was wonderful. It was a few years before I would eventually become more equated with trance but when I would talk to her, she was definetly entrancing me. She would describe something that I had always internalized, just how much the feel of stillness was intoxicating. The words felt like Mani was speaking to me from my own emotions. I had for many years did posing, both on SL and in RL. Mani made me for one of the first times able to experience this with another person on the same level.

Maniquin is the real first exhibit. She had been a mannequin who enjoyed posing many years before I had even thought of doing the gallery. Something her and I would do way back then was to set ourselves up in shops around the grid and trance. To everyone else we were just a pair of campers possibly collecting linden, but in truth we were sharing something special.

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