Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exhibit: Co-ed Capture

Exhibit: Co-ed Capture
Avatar: Madadh Magic
By: Monyca Medusa
Beginning Date: 3-28-12

I don't like to RP captures that lead to exhibits, I feel that it sends the wrong message. That if you come and offer to be an exhibit you will be rewarded in some way. I was speaking with some people one very very late night when I got an IM from Madadh. She commented on my role in Drake's Medusariffic, which is a sure fire way of getting on my good side. That and she was very up front. "Hey I like to RP." Do you know how rare that is? Most of the time it is in good intent but people beat around the bush and want you to get the hint they want you to RP. That an she knew what she wanted, double plus.

I really like this hole set up, because the pose just captured the RP that lead up to her exhibition. A co-ed college girl was out jogging one day when she made the mistake of interrupting me while I was gardening. Normally I am a very friendly but I was just not in a good mood, my plant was being a hassle. So I decided to turn a frustrating afternoon into a spot of fun. Before she knew it I was on her and there was nothing she could do, and I decided to play a game with her, "Cum and Become." Simply put, if she cums she will become a statue. She tried to resist in the beginning, but it was fruitless to say the least, I am after all very good at what I do. Do you think I got her to climax? I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I am in love with her still wearing her running shoes. -swoon- Mony.

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