Monday, March 26, 2012

Exhibit: Mannequin

Exhibit: Mannequin
by: Monyca Medusa
Avatar: Lynne Wirefly
Beginning date: 2-1-12

Lynne is one of those friendships that starts by small conversation and continues to blossom. I met Lynne on the eve of the gallery's opening and through chatting I got to know she was a bit of an ASFR new comer. It was really nice to talk with some body and get to see their blossoming to the idea of sexy stillness. She commented on a story we had both read, one that I had always found quite sexy, and I sent her one of my stories.I can be a sucker for flattery, well I am sucker for a lot of things. Lynne's reaction caught me off guard, she really seemed to like it. So the little gears got to moving.

Lynne's mannequin exhibit was the first one developed after the initial run. Her enjoyment of my story about mannequin transformation really inspired me. I just knew I had to see her as a mannequin. She also really took to posing in a way I have never seen a new girl take to. It was like Lynne was addicted. Her and I began to talk quite a bit about spending time posed and from then on she has really become one of the best mannequins I know.

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