Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Review: (I) Fornaphilia Marble

(I) Fornaphilia Marble
by: Dark Delights

Dark Delights SLurl

When I was just but a newbie on SL I was the statue for my Mistresses' home, her and her friend had given me a home made marble skin that I wore with pride. As with most basic things on SL you eventually realize there are better quality things out there and you get the itch. The itch that can only be scratched by upgrading. What was the upgrade for a statue skin? These beautiful works by Ishtara Rothchild and Dark Delights.

These skins are highly detailed and with seamless quality marble texturing and anatomical correctness. In those days there was only the female versions with the cute little shemale upgrade but in the later period Dark Delights has added a male skin (even though not shown, I plan on getting very soon. What I can't like a guy in stone? Sexist). The skin comes in 4 different colors. Black, Cream, Rose, and White. Black and white are 2 of your standard of marble but the Rose and Cream skins are very unique. They can be a little to match with other companies products or recol0red mable hair but well worth the work in the end.

I don't want to talk negative about the other statue skins out there, but for my own opinion, the Dark Delights marble skins are still well worth your linden dollar. At 450L$ a piece with these skins are a must have for any statue lover on SL.

I wanted to make it completely clear that no one is paying me to do these reviews to talk up their wares, I am simply giving products that I enjoy the proper respect they deserve and letting all you out there know about it. As a side note I met Ishtara many years ago in a doll themed sim and was completely star struck, she is one of my ASFR rock idles. Mony.

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