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Interview: Eltomte

Interview: Eltomte

Monyca Medusa Meiyers: I would like to begin with how honored I am that you would take time to chat with me, I am a huge fan of your work. Mannequins are my favorite type of ASFR.So to start, what got you interested in ASFR?

Eltomte: Almost as far back that I can remember i have been interested in TF of almost any kind. First in the innocent way and later ,around 15-16 i guess, with the erotic twist. So around there i manage to find the web page "Transformation Story Archive". And in that treasure trove i found the story "Secrets" by Brat001. I read it several times and then went looking for more.

M: How long have you been interested?

E: Around 15 years give or take.

M: What is your favorite type?

E: I'd say mannequins if fighting for top placement with love dolls.

M: Why is it you like that type?

E: Well with mannequins it's that they are so obviously artificial yet made to look so very human. And that you can take them apart i really like for some reason. And with love dolls it's more of the pure sexual thing, that that is there only true purpose.

M: What got you started doing your manips?

E: Well ever since i found my first photo editing software and learned to use it i started doing photo manipulations. Stuff like switching heads and such. and when hormones started flowing sticking the heads of female school mates on bodies with less cloths in the way . So when i discovered ASFR stories and then manips I just decided to give it a go. With variable degrees of success.

M: Why do you like mannequin manips?

E: Well mostly because i like mannequins.. And when u been doing I a while u get to thinking "how can I make this better". I have tried some love doll ones as well but they didn't turn out that great. Done one or two statue ones as well but they are not really my cup o' tea.

M: Who would say you influences you artistically in ASFR?

E: Oh every time u see a good manip you take something away with you. But the biggest artisticall influents I think I'v gotten from MadBirdCZ 's stuff. I'm not entirely sure but i think it was seeing one of those that made me think. "Hey I'm gona try that".

M: What is your favorite style of the genre? Manip, Caption, CG, Line Drawing, Erotica?

E: Well being a manipulator myself there is nothing like a well made Manip. But if you take a great manip and tack on a great caption or story, that is an almost unbeatable combination. Line art for ASFR isn't one of my favorites but like I mention earlier I'm in to a lot of the other TFs out there and most of those make great line art. And I have great respect for those artists as I can barely manage a stick figure myself.

M: Where do you get your inspiration?

E: I tend to get the inspiration from the individual source images. Either it's just the woman in the picture that catches my eye and I just have to make her a mannequin or it might be the pose that is just begging to be shown of in plastic.

M: Any plans for future ideas?

E: No one knows what the future holds. Least of all me and I like it that way

M: Again I want to let you know how much of a privilege it is to speak with you and I believe I speak for everyone, please keep up the amazing work

E: There you go, enjoy.
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Eltomte's amazing mannequin manipulations can be found on his Deviant Art page or any of the Mannequin Madness Yahoo groups and beyond,

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