Sunday, April 1, 2012

From the Sculptress: Break

What would you think the percentage of online burn out is?

It has to be rather high. Over the years I have developed a bad case of net gluttony, I devor everything insight, I rp everything I can, I download every pic I find, and read every piece of smut I can bring up. And after I devour all of this I feel stuffed and sluggish and I swear off the interet, and how I am going on an online diet. After counting caloric mega-bites I find myself starving and once again I am at that place again.

This time I am really trying to be pro-active about it, normally all this would be followed by mopey Monyca going afk for weeks on end. I have met way to many people through the gallery I enjoy the company of to do my hiding routine.

So in spirit of trying to keep up on the gallery and the lovely exhibits. I am taking a break.

I can hear the collected gasps out there as everyone counts the number of blogs out there that have their last post titled a similar title and have that be over a year ago. Hey! I have been burning the candle from both ends and the wax is begging to drip all over everything. It's been a break neck pace and I have had a lot of fun both meeting, greeting, and playing with the patrons at the gallery. Well I can promise... no I can't do that, well then I assure... hmmm, I guess I can not even really do that. What I can do is say I think I have way to many ideas roaming inside my head and I plans to let them free on SL and the wider internet. I just now that I have a lot of things left undone and want to get back the will to do them.

Always remember, "Welfare Beware"

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