Monday, April 9, 2012

From the Sculptress: Back to the matter at hand

Back to the matter at hand

Did you think I was coming back? Did you dream about my glorious return?

Yes I am that full of myself. Well maybe close. I enjoyed my week off and I need to really thank my glorious hostess for allowing me to spend my time there. It was an intense period where I was able to enjoy being a piece of a house hold without actually taking part in it. Her generosity allowed me to relax and get my center back. Thank you very much Miss Levi.

I am very happy to be back to my beloved gallery and all of my friends that make it special. It has become something I have a lot of passion about, both the original goal of presenting the genre in it's best light and the ideas that my friends and visitors have given me. Ideas are coming at me left and right and center and I hope to be implementing as many as I can in the near future.

So in short, lets get this started. Mony.

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