Monday, March 19, 2012

From the Sculptress: Opening Words

Officially the doors to the gallery opened on January 28th of this year, so as of this it has been open to the public for just under two full months. To my complete and utter surprise it has been a success. More so then I could have even dared to hope for.

The Gallery Lapideus is located at SLurl

I started the gallery as an idea to show off the various artists that and authors of the A.S.F.R. genre and hopefully bring greater awareness to their contribution. What a lot of them don't know is they have enhanced the lives of those who have had the joy of viewing it. I can say this without doubt because I can speak from personal experience. To some this may seem like a foreign concept but I know that I have felt connected to the artists when the idea they are portraying within their work has lifted me. I feel that some how these ideas that roam within my head are not just the ravings of a mad woman and that others feel as I do. That is liberating to a point I can not convey in words here. So by placing what I feel some of the best representations of some of the biggest names in A.S.F.R. on the walls of the gallery I am trying to bring that feeling to others and in hopes give back to the artist by doing so.

I also wanted to provide a place for people to come and show themselves as works of art. The idea of having people's avatars around an area posing as statuary, mannequins, and other objects of art is by no means one unique to the gallery. What I wanted to do was bring an element to the idea that has been a little over looked. That each of these individuals was indeed a piece of the over all charm of the area and that without them it was simply a place where the works of others was collected. I have been pleasantly surprised in what this has attracted. I have met those who simply want to be a simple object to those who want to be the elaborate works. To some the thrill of posing is the adoration they receive and to others just becoming no more important then the prims that make up the walls is what they have come for. Regardless of the reason I have always aimed to make them feel both wanted and needed.

For the first time in a long time on Second Life I have felt things as I once did. The magic is back, the wonder of being able to see it as a place of possibilities and where those of like passion can connect in ways not many have the ability to outside of the program. In this short time since it opened the galley has introduced me to a number of people who enjoy the genre on the same level as I do. This bi-product of the project is a surprise that I did not for see, but one I am happy to have.

With this I need to thank a number of individuals for their contributions.
I need to start with Kris Shiras, because with out her none of this would have been possible. Her generosity she has shown as owner of the sim The Doll Works, where the gallery is located, is indeed without equal and I can only express my gratitude in two simple words. Thank you.
Alema Orchid deserves her mention for providing in times when I myself was not willing to.
My close friend and lover Roen Fardel is also top on this list, because without her I would have packed up my digital bags years ago. I love you hun.
Of course I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the artists whose work is one of the corner stones here. Drake, MadBird CZ, Eltomte, Sebastian BlackCat, Naga, Great Cthulu, ArgoForg, Bob, Sue-chan, and at least a half dozen other whose names I have misplaced at this time.
I owe a debt of thanks to those who have deemed me worthy to donate their time as exhibits to the gallery, Jenna Hansen, Lita Morane, Elarajade, Rvasfr Longspring, AmayaHayata, Shiari Feiri, Jenni Parkin, Katiebug85, Asudem Kasei, Lynne Wirefly, Maniquin Stepford, and Talia Plassitz. As with the artists I am sure I am missing some and with them I am sorry please forgive this mess of disorganization.
There is also those who have donated in the way of both objects and linden dollars, I promise to use your gifts for the betterment of the project.

And last and certainly not least I need to thank you. Because with out you coming to both the gallery and the blog I would never have known that this was all worth while. Every "great place" or :lovely work" or even 1L$ put into the donation vase has only pushed me to do better by you. Thank you from my heart.

Monyca Medusa Meiyers
Curator of The Gallery Lapideus

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  1. May you only know continued success Monyca. I think you have created something special for both the Patrons, and the Exhibits alike.

    Thank you as well.

    For the care you take with people, and being such a positive influence on the genre.