Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exhibit: Interactive Doll

Exhibit: Interactive Doll
Avatar: Lita Morane
by: Lita Morane
Beginning date: 3-10-12

This is the third piece of the customization work by Lita, and another example of her skill. She has taken a pair of familiar ideas, the clock-work doll and the controllable robot and fused them into something truly adorable. Lita has a pull chain attached to her back to wind her for power and a receiver for her remote attached to her wrist to facilitate her controls. The pull chain gives Lita a limited time for action so she ruitinly winds down needing one or a few yanks to get her going again. Her receiver is coupled with a remote to be able to control her movement, this has really given me a thrill to walk her about and take care of the place while I greet the guests. As an interactive doll patrons to the gallery are encouraged to operate her by walking her around, dust up, clean the floors or serve drinks to others.

I personally have seen a lot of dolls, and I emphasize the lot, but Lita has definitely taken the cake in the arena of  F'ing adorable. Her look is really pulled together by her joints, both the prim ones at her elbows and knees and her skin's. The maid dress she is in only seals the deal giving her one of the best doll maids I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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  1. Glitter Lace: did lita make her avi
    Monyca Medusa Meiyers: yes
    Glitter Lace: wow
    Glitter Lace: shes not good not great not super not awesome shes uber super awesomely amazingly great
    (skype message I thought deserved to be shared. Mony.)