Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exhibit: Angelic Sculpture

Exhibit: Angelic Sculpture
Avatar: Shiari Feiri
by: Shiari Feiri & Monyca Medusa
Beginning date: 3-12-12

Here is a statue's statue. Shiari is one of those people who has really reintroduced me into what it's like to love the bliss of posing. When the time came for me to change up her exhibit was due I really was at a loss, she was perfect as the golden statue. My brain was all in knots on how to improve, then I remembered the Dark Delights, Rose  marble skin. I have long loved this skin but its one of those skins you just never see, so I figured I would like to see Shiari in it. In the end we just kinda pinkified her and added the marble latex on her and got her a new more official looking plinth. And I could not be happier with the ways she came out.

There has been a number of very nice and very dedicated statues in SL that I have come across, but Shiari has really struck a cord in me. I feel like I was stone for a long time and then in came some of my new friends and they siphoned the petrification from me into themselves. Shiari is one of those statue that loves to just be admired and be nothing more then a piece of work, as well as be the center of my unhealthy stone obsession.

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