Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview: Roen Fardel

Roen Fardel

Around five and a half years ago I was recommended to SL by a RP friend, she told me it was a fun place to roleplay on and kind of brought a different dynamic to the experience. So after she showed me a little bit she had to log off and then the enormity of SL set in. And that was in the days when it was only around12k residents. Well the first thing I fired into the search box was: Doll. And up pops a name, Roen Fardel. Ok, after that: Statue. And again I get Roen Fardel at the top of the search. What about Mannequin? Guess who? Roen Fardel. So I took a gamble and sent her an IM, and the rest is so much history...

Monyca Medusa Meiyers: In the spirit of full disclosure what is my relationship with you?

Roen Fardel: You're my personal key winder
I'm just kidding
You've been with me for almost my entire time in SL
Starting from being a statue next to my house, then to being my maid and closest friend, and now finally, my partner

M: -beams-
What brought you to SL in the first place?

RF: I used to frequent a website dedicated to photomanipulation called Mermaid's Tail Galleries
At the time they were hosted by FurNation.
One day, when Fur Nation went down for maintainence, they had a placeholder page saying "Come visit it us in Second Life at Furnation Worlds"
So I decided to check it out
The program, not the sim

M: What fetish did you first explore on SL?

RF: I think it may have been pony play
I had discovered a ponygirl area on the sim I lived on at the time,  and it stuck with me until i came under the care of my first mistress
I would pull her around in my cart once in a while
Trying to do that from a slow college wi-fi connection on a laggy laptop wasn't easy

M: When did you begin to develop a like for dolls?

RF: Do you want me naming names?

M: They will be changed to protect the perverted

RF: -lol-
I guess it might be ok if i just use first names
While under Mandee, my first mistress, i took in a girl named Natalee. She was a doll herself
About the same time, I started to develop a like for the gothic lolita style after being introduced to it thru June Dion's shop Bare Rose
So I guess it grew out of that
Since the lolita style itself is very doll-like

M: Things always work out like that. Your keys were the first thing ASFR related I have ver seen on SL. Can you tell me if there was any before yours?

RF: I'm actually not sure. I can't even take all the credit for them. The very first ones were made by Natalee. The bronze one was made by Eclectic Randomness's Winter Ventura, and my friend UserJesse made the rose one.
I'm no scripter, so they only have the meagerest of functionality compared to all the other fancy RLV capable ones out there now

M: People like to criticize some of those older builds, I know I hold a particularfondness for the animation Preen, is there something like that that still has a special place?

RF: An older animation?

M: Or Anything in general

RF: I'm going to need to think on that for a minute
Wow, I honestly can't think of anything
Once you've been here as long as I have, things kinda muddle together
I guess my GL Yukata
It was the first thing i ever bought at Bare Rose
I hardly wear it now tho

M: Who is your favorite designer on SL?

RF: In what field?
I have a few

M: Lets say in latex

RF: For latex, I'd have to say Powers of Creation and Rubber Kittens
Rubber Kittens is sadly out of business now, but the shop still exists

M: What about in lolita?

RF: I'd have to say The Black Canary. I love that shop. Wish they'd make more.
My absolute favorite lolita dress is actually the rubber one created by Rubber Kittens

M: Who is you favorite arits in dolls and beyond, and baring that wht is your favorite site to get your fix?

RF: I really like MadBird's art. His lovedolls are great.
As far as websites, I'd say Asudem's Doll's Realm blog and Grommet's

M: Well I want to thank you for doing this love, as well as supporting me in this en devour
-kisses and holds tight-

RF: -coos happily-

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