Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exhibit: Donation Box

Exhibit: Donation Box
Avatar: Katiebug85
by: Katiebug85 & Monyca Medusa
Beginning date: 3-6-12

Katelyn is one of those people that I love, a builder. Builders are my favorite statues, they take the load off of my shoulders at times. Her dark skin is a nice marble texture I haven't seen yet, I really look forward to seeing more work from Katelyn. She is an experienced statue poser who enjoys the time of quiet enjoyment familar a number of the statue parks of SL. What Can I say, I am a sucker for professional posers.

When she approached me with her idea of being something useful and she suggested something I had been putting off, a suggestion box. How could I pass that up? Not only do I get another sexy and dedicated statue to grace the gallery I also get someone to draw attention to the suggestion box.

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