Monday, April 9, 2012

Product Review: Hair by GuRL 6

by: GuRL 6

GuRL 6 SLurl

I will not lie, I live in the past. But if it works there is no reason not to use it. GuRL 6 hair was the first brand of hair I have ever worn outside of the Linden mesh. At one time... -shutter- I thought the Linden mesh was good looking. Wow was I not so bright. My dear friends taught me the error of my ways and took me to GuRl 6.

GuRL 6 hair is not only nice but fits many of "our" needs. When I say our needs I mean us in the statue rp community. It is nice and solid prim hair, meaning that the hair is more individually primmed out instead of having the effect generated by textures. This lends to being able to re-texture the hair to appropriate material textures easier. I spent the first near year of my SL in my Taken by GuRL 6 and I still have fond memories of having long hair.

In this day of mesh hair I know that some of the older products have the "meh" factor but who the heck cares when your not moving anywhere to have the prim's clip.

For all my statuephiles I recommend GuRL 6 for your static hair needs.

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