Monday, September 24, 2012

From the Sculptress: Leaner and Greener

From the Sculptress: Leaner and Greener

Well hello friends through some creative accounting and a little cooking of the personal books I was able to get the money together and buy myself a new laptop. I can hear the collected gasp out there. Probably the same question I was asked by my friends, "Why a laptop?" I have never heard anything good about SecondLife and laptops so as someone who loves SL why would I decide to get a laptop? Well the first reason is I have never had one. Second is I am getting a little tired of being confined to the desk. And the third is I need the privacy, no one seems to think twice if you close a laptop when someone walks in but power down a monitor and your doing so something naughty. Which 99.9% of the time I am. Though I have to say I am loving the laptop, it makes me a little upset that this runs SL better then my older machine. My desktop when I built it was completely tailored to SL's specs and it simply never seemed to live up to the money I spent on it. This lap top though has run it top notch right out of the box, and the latest version of Firestorm which the other couldn't. So happy succubus is happy.

Things should pick back up on the article front, but that said should is sometimes a synonym for might not. -shrugging- I have a ton of things I need to do like recovering fonts and a few files off the old hard drives, thank my stars for an external drive.

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