Thursday, September 6, 2012

From the Sculptress:Sonuva...


After basically wasting away most of my summer I was getting back into the swing of things, getting the gallery back to shape, reconnecting with my friends, making new ones, and basically becoming my kinky self when... Sonuva my machine fried Now I have read this quite a few times and have always felt bad for the people who have had this happen to them, whether it's their actual machine or some other beloved piece of tech. I always thought I keep pretty good care of my machine and have taken extreme measures to keep it from harm. But... I guess stuff happens because my graphics card shorted out and the doctor says it took my mother board with it. Damn, damn, damn... Worse case scenario I am gonna be screwed, and not in the good kind for a few months. I dropped way to much money this summer on stuff that has no meaning what so ever.

What does this mean?

I guess a couple things.

The Bad: No Second Life. I was able to cobble a older machine together from parts from a series of previous machines and am on the information super high way on a moped when I use to have a sports car. That puts the in world gallery in jeopardy because while the actual rent is of little matter trying to buy a new machine in the meantime makes things that much harder. I'll keep you posted.

The Good: I'll get to blog more. Without the sweet distraction of SL I will have little things to do with my time. So I'll most likely delve into the world of A.S.F.R. out side of the grid on a binge scale, I mean I need to sate my hunger somehow.

So in short, SONUVA...

I'll end this on a real funny note, at least to myself. I was bored and trying out this new/old machine when I was at a web site browsing and in the left hand column I see a familiar figure. This is one of my all time favorite manips and captions. I have had it as a desktop, icon, what have you numerous times and to be honest it didn't even cross my mind that I was seeing it used in a completely different context.Then sudden;y I realized that I wasn't seeing the manip I was so familar with. In short, it's nice to see that she is being used as a proper display to attract people. Though I must say Big Bird's version would attract more.

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  1. I'll keep an eye out on the Gallery until you can get back, as i'm sure everyone else will do :)

    It's gonna be tough with you gone! Keeping blogging :)

    Celosia x