Friday, August 31, 2012

From the Sculptress: In Remembrance

In Remembrance

I wanted to take time out from the usual light heartedness of the blog to to remember someone. For over a decade I had lurked in the community before making any real attempts to get to know anyone. In that time so many of the names of the contributors have became my idols. I have often described myself as an A.S.F.R. fan-girl or groupie and have followed many of those names in that fashion. Recently we, and not just our community but all communities she was a part of, lost an idol.

Marlene Bomer

I struggled with wanting to do something to remember her by and feeling that, "Just who am I to do  this?" Surely there are many more who are far more qualified, skilled, and appropriate then myself. After a short time I was struck just by how many of my friends knew her and those who knew of her spoke out at the loss of her. I am passionate about the community and passion is an emotion and it would be a disservice to her and the community if I did not share my own emotional loss.

I regret that only recently did Marlene and I become friends because I have been more then honored to share the pages of Medusariffic and the community with her. I have lost one of my idols.

Farewell sister from your friend,
Monyca Medusa Meiyers

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