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Interview: Tiny Sexy Girl

Interview: Tiny Sexy Girl
(a.k.a. Rani Matahari on Second Life)

Monyca Medusa: So I want to introduce my lovely and talented friend Rani, please if you'd be so kind will you tell the readers what your pen name is hun?

Rani Matahari: I usually write under the name Tiny Sexy Girl.  The few pieces I've done, that is.

MM: TSG, a name I have always loved the stories from and never dreamed of actually getting to meet you, and finding you on SL none the less. So I have to ask, what draws you to the genre?

RM: It's just something that happened over time.  I've always been something of a transformation fan, but there was something about being turned into statues, mannequins, robots . . . It did something to me.  It excited me.  Not sexually, mind you, but there was this idea that you could be turned into an object and be so wanted . . .
It was something I desired in my life.

MM: I totally understand, I believe it was much the same with me. What compelled you to write your stories?

RM: I've written off and on for some time, and once I was drawn to these kind of stories, I found that . . . well, a lot of them weren't very good.
When I see that, I get it in my head to try and write something that I would enjoy
That's why I wrote.  That's how my stories came about.

MM: Is there any stories or authors that inspire you, for good or bad?
RM: Let me think . . .
I know this is going to sound strange, but I have a fascination with the manga "Battle Angle Alita".
There is something about being a little girl robot, and a killer at that, and then finding your own way in the world, that I found wonderful to read.
It's an incredible story.
Though it's probably not the sort of stuff that a lot of the people who read me read as well.

MM: I am a HUGE fan of Battle Angel myself, a robot coming of age story stuck with me for years, Alita/Gally is one of my heroines to this day, so I think some of your readers do.

RM: I'll keep that in mind!

MM: So whats your favorite type of form and or transformation if you have one?

RM: I love just about anything with the body.
I think morphing into other people and shapes is very exciting.
I can't say I have any one that I like or enjoy more.
If there's transformation at work, I usually like it--if it's well done.

MM: It is hard to sometimes pick a fave, so baring well done do you like it a long and slow transformation or instantaneous?

RM: Long and slow is always the best.
Though it can't always be that way.
But when you talk about every little thing, it's all the better.

MM: I know I am a huge lover of the emotional changes myself. So turning to other media is there any A.S.F.R. themed you enjoy?

RM: I wish I was a better artist, because I love good artwork.
I'd also love to learn Blender and make 3D models and movies.
I would love to put a story into Blender and make an animation.

MM: Your preaching to the choir sister, that's why I am interviewing and showing off the work of others.

RM: I have ideas about a centaur girl . . . that could be fun.

MM: Hehe, how Naga like.
Ok let me ask a double one to end on a real note. So are you turned on by the genre and if you could have one transformation happen to you what would it be?

RM: I've told people when I write I almost never get turned on by my writing.
Therer are stories, however, that have affected me.
And I love them a lot.
To pick one transformation?  An oversexed doll.  Don't ask me why, but it makes me tingle.

MM: Well I want to thank you for humoring this silly girl, I always love chatting with you hun.

RM: You're hardly a silly girl--and I always enjoy chatting with you, Monyca.

(Now here is something that turns me on, love this girl. Mony)

Look for Tiny Sexy Girl's stories at your local fetish web site

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