Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: Mall Mannequin by Arim

Mall Mannequin

Earlier in the year I read a great story by Arim about being transformed into a mannequin for a job, I am not reviewing that story. Instead I am reviewing the even more up my alley story by him called "Mall Mannequin." When I say up my alley I mean it has a lot of the tings I tend to find enjoying in  my erotica. It has transformation, it has objectification, it has mannequins, and it is creepy as f**k.

I admit I wasn't fully into the story with the opening and the delinquent types, even knowing that they are just there to be fetish fodder didn't really endear me to them. I am not tied to my victim protagonists being a certain type. Innocent, toughs, nerdy, or what ever I don't really care as long as the concept is strong, And after you get a few paragraphs in the concept manifests in all of its glory.

I love Agal and Mato. Most tf erotica tends to have a lot of Mary Sues in them. They tend to be perfect examples of what ever concept they are based around. Even the more villainous are usually a little weak. Very few though are real monsters. These two are monsters through and through. And it goes beyond physicality. Which in and of its self is pretty nice, there are plenty beautiful women already in objectification erotica who transform people, so having a pair who break that mold, all the while molding others, is quite a breath of fresh air. The mania of their personas also is something that appeals to me. I really can appreciate their sense of desires and passion for what they do, one could say I may have a small kin-ship with them in that department.

Over all the story has a few hiccups with prose, but you would be very hard pressed to find me one that does not in the genre, and it takes more then a few bits of inspiration from "Silent Hill: Revelations"  but I recommend Arim's story. It has that right amount of sexiness and creep that just makes me get all... yeah, just yeah...

You can find Arim's story here at Deviant Art...

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