Monday, July 17, 2017

Exhibit: Golden Inspiration

Golden Inspiration
Avatar: Rachel Phoenix (rayeanners)
              Lisa Matoba (lisachuchu) 
By: Rachel Phoenix & Lisa Matoba
Location: The Art Gallery of Accidental Entanglement

You ever feel that your most likely done with something, finished with it regardless with whether you want to or not? I really thought I was most likely this way with writing about exhibits on Second Life. With no gallery of my own, well  without a  large scale one like I had before bent on displaying and fostering growth of objectified avatars. And then you see something of such beauty, and your are unable to resist yourself or deny that maybe you do have something left to say.

I have a lot to say about this piece. And all it took was a slight turn of the camera and there they were, a pair of golden beauties. Now every since I first came to The Art Gallery of Accidental Entanglement I have seen a fair number of excellent works by a lot of people., it seems to bring out a creativity in people. I really was very taken with this look that Rachel and Lisa created, I have thought that the mesh anime look heads that have come out are quite photogenic and what they came up with showed both that and more. I was in awe and the more I looked the more details I came across. From the the subtle wrinkles in Lisa's gloves, to the panties around her feet, the harness of Rachel's strap-on,  and the thin straps of her top. All of this added a depth to the golden material they were composed of that goes beyond the shine on their molded forms.

I tried to look at the two of them in an analytical purpose, but I am that way only part of the time. Because the other part of me was looking at them with that part that is most ingratiated by beautiful things, especially those ones that are people shaped and motionless. Tickled this fancy of mine they did. Rachel bending Lisa over, her strap on pushing into her friend, the pair locked in a golden moment of intimacy, Seriously I want to wax poetically about them, but the absolute most striking part of this whole thing was it was Lisa's first time as an object. What her and Rachel developed something that roused me from a torpor that left me starved for more of what they can create in the future.

If you want to visit The Gallery of Accidental Entanglement, who I owe a great thanks to,

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