Saturday, February 25, 2017

From the Sculptress: When the Stars Become Right

When the Stars Become Right

It was long promised that there would be a lull between the times of the great demon goddess's feasting and her slumber. Though the moment has come and she has arisen. Statues will dot the landscape, dolls will lay in the corners of rooms, and mannequins will clog the windows of shops as far as the eye can view. Wellfare beware, for it s the return of the green lady.

How is it going my friend, toys, and the things in between? Did you miss me? Because I missed you! When we last seen the succubus she was filled with doubt and despair at the state of her beloved community. It looked as if things were to fall to ruin and the days of objects would pass into history. Well I am still filled with doubt and despair but I am quite thrilled to say that it is not about ASFR! I was so uncertain a couple years ago. Things just looked so bleak. I think I was looking at things through black painted glasses and to me I could see no hope. You all did though. And that has given me the strength to arise from my tomb, grab the nearest mortal to me, turn them into a chair for me to perch upon and survey this great kingdom of ours.

ASFR is the nation we have built. It is a democracy of the people and objects for which we pour our hearts into. I must admit to no small amount of shame for ever doubting it. I should have been stronger, Because no singular pillar, no matter how beautiful the body that it was transformed out of makes up the sole base of it. It is many. Because we are many made of different materials. It is the objects of glass combined with the figures of steel that works in conjunction to make this thing we have to be beautiful.

So what if I am waxing poetically... I have been screwing around for a couple years and this was a long time coming. Believe me when I say that while I have been quiet I have fed off the generous morsels you who create content have delivered, and I have drank deeply of those who enjoy them. It pleases me to no end to see things as they are. I may have had different visions of what the future would hold but I am in no way disappointed. So please allow me to do the things I can do to help you all.

I will not try and lay out my plan for things to come. After all a plan is a list of things that will not happen. And while the in world gallery is gone it does not mean that my love for the objects of Second Life has diminished. I just am now more able to travel about to spread it where ever they may be.

Remember I love you all, whether stiff and rigid or soft and pliable. I Monyca owe you all a tremendous debt,


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