Saturday, May 12, 2012

Exhibit: Crimson Marble

Exhibit: Crimson Marble
Avatar: cm3fan Doulton
By: cm3fan Doulton
Beginning Date: 4/20/12

When I first met Carrie it was to let me know I was having issues with the gallery. -ugh- That's not to say I did not appreciate her help to let me know the gallery's book shelves were not working properly. The next time I met her it was to suggest that I contact a certain lovely author and see if I can add her work to the shelves. This may be the single handed best suggestion I have had yet (more on that to come...).

Carrie also was able help me to replace the angel statue exhibit whose run had just ended, which makes me think I am going to have to find a new winged stone lovely now. She really struck me with her Doll Life avatar. I had never seen that texture of stone before. Which means Mony has to have. It might becoming redundant but I have started to feel close to Carrie. When you share a love and interest in the enjoyment of inanimate bondage it's kinda hard not to.

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