Thursday, May 24, 2012

From the Sculptress: Wicked dreams of erotic scenes

Wicked dreams of erotic scenes

This holiday weekend I embark on a quest to repay a donor to the gallery. Master Koopa was very generous to donate up front for a little of my time in the future and it is time I make good on that commitment. Master Koopa is a lover of the hard body much in the fashion I am and it's nice to get to pose mine for him. So from the 24th - 27th of the month I am gonna park my sweet stone rear on a fountain for him and his family.

I also do need to take this time to tidy up some things. I have a few petitions yet to go over with the persons who submitted them, bad curator I know.  There is the never ending list of animations I need to work on. Rewrite a few of the cards for the gallery that have had issues crop up un-foreseen at the time of creation. There is a project I have dabbled on for oh lets say the past few YEARS that I am finally putting prim to script, -ish. I have some textures that need to finally be completed for exhibits. There is the oft neglected gallery Deviant Art group, that I am sorry I have not been able to give the proper attention it deserves. As well as work on a before mentioned something special to my heart. And! I need to show the blog some love.

I need to also take this opportunity to give a special thanks to two individuals. They have been gracious enough to keep an eye out on the gallery for me while I am off on my little break. Celosia Ember and Vicky Carmel, both of these wonderful girls have been a great friend to me beyond doing this and I owe them in ways that I will have to let my most devious thoughts run wild with. So please, from the bottom of my being to the top, thank you ladies.

Once again, thank you to all of you as well, both visitors to the in world gallery, the blog, those who exhibit there, and those artists who I have on the walls, it's you who make The Gallery Lapideus what it is.


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