Monday, May 7, 2012

Exhibit: Liquid Silver

Exhibit: Liquid Silver
Avatar: May Stonesoul
By: May Stonesoul & Monyca Medusa
Begining Date: 4/16/12

I am, giving this my absolute favorite last name on all of SL, "Stonesoul". I am quite fond of my own SL last name but that one takes the cake. So how could I resist speaking to such a cute specimen and when I found out there was more then just a name to her I was definitely crushing hard. Not to mention may has been extremely patent through both the miss meetings and the technical difficulties that have crept up. For that I owe her several series of kisses.

Seeing others take on the varying styles of the genre is my favorite thing about working with others, so when May broke out her silver look I couldn't resist putting finger prints all over it. Now I have seen the silver look a few times now and I have even had two other exhibits with the same style that I did not get chronicled in the same manner as I have these ones on the blog. The other exhibits were great and I am severely regretful I did not get the opportunity to show them the proper respect they deserve. May's though, it just struck a cord in me. And even this one I am showing here, which is different then the one she first put together for the stand has just B-smacked me. When she said she had changed it I was super upset. "Why? I loved that one." But wow was I happy to finally get to see her updated version. From the gag to the cuffs I was once again just over come by her silvery look.

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