Sunday, May 6, 2012

Product Review: Squeaky Kinks Lovedoll

by: >Squeaky Kinks<

Squeaky Kinks

At times I am thrust into the new and shiny and thus... We come to the Squeaky Kinks mesh Lovedoll. Being mesh it is one of the first really nice and fetshy avatars to come out. Being sex toy like it definetly falls into the realm of my enjoyment.

It comes in two different varieties with two different features; there is the standard Lovedoll in a female shape or there is the Loveboi in a male shape. Both have an armless version as well, and at 800L$ or 1200L$ for the regular and armless versions pack this is an awesome buy. Unfortunately I haven't got to see the Loveboi version yet, but there is always the future. The avatar comes with a number of visual as well as RLV features. The visual are color change and posing, and you all know my love for posing. The RLV is features work in stages which I personally kinda like, I am one for personalization but setting the levels works as a way of punishment/reward.

This avatar has really made me think about the possibilities that mesh has to offer. Once again SL is filled with worlds of kinky possibility.

Model: Yora Vig

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