Saturday, August 25, 2012

Exhibit: A Beautiful Sign

Exhibit: A Beautiful Sign
Avatar: Brittany324 Burt
By: Brittany324 Burt and Monyca Medusa
Beginning Date: 8-22-12

Brit is one of those true objectification lovers, over the years she has shown me a real love for spending time as things. I have seen her as a number of real kinky and creative things since we met and have been a little blown away by her desire to be them. She spent some time as a plant in the early days of our arrival in Doll Works when I still had the green house up, she was very kinky.

So when I came back from my little hiatus and ran into Brittany I was very happy to hear her desire to exhibit at the gallery. I was just a little disappointing we hadn't got together sooner. When she offered to to use the Kero's Toy Box, The Paper Dolls avatar I was really hooked. It was just a natural addition to prop her up in the front of the gallery next to a sign announcing my return. Such a sexy 2D was sure to garner attention.

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