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Author Den: Samantha Washborne

Samantha Washborne

I had first been introduced to the world of digital books about 10 years ago via manuals and other such things. Before long I began to notice all sorts of different uses for it, much from piracy, but I don't judge. One thing kept me from really embracing digital books. Nothing beats laying back on the couch and reading a book, in fact kicking back anywhere and doing it is awesome. Things got a bit better when I got the lap top because I was freed from that damn desk to read in comfort... almost.

About a month or more before my old machine went to the great beyond, my friend Sammi Luv on Second Life asked me if I would take a look at a manuscript she was working on. I was over joyed to be able to look at it and read it when I got the free time at the gallery. When I was able to get more regular after the computer issues I got back in touch with Sammi and she showed to me her finished product. I had to have it. In almost 12 years I haven't had a hand held piece of erotica.

Oh those were the days, slipping in the back door of some dingy porn place and making straight for the fetish fiction. Oh how many nights I enjoyed reading those poorly stapled manuscripts and hiding them in more intelligent books and reading them in public. When I seen I could buy a physical copy I jumped at it and I have enjoyed many a night forcing myself to only read 3-4 pages to enjoy the sensation of something I have not done and that filled me with the same wonder the internet did regarding kink.

On to Samantha's work....

I am one of those people that does not like the reviewer to talk about the actual story, I'll just talk what it's about and why I like it or have an issue. Mony "I do try to stay objective!"

The stories put the protagonist through a series erotic self control, experimental, and sexual tests. All this is set to a very detailed but not crushing manner that helps you immerse into the stuff that she is put through instead of wandering WTF? is going on. Samantha's dialogue, both between characters and the protagonist's own internal, is extremely engaging. It's not very often that I can find erotica characters to be that way. It's usually because they are either not destined long to have actual development or they are just a caricature of another mainstream. I'm not saying that there on not some out there because there are tons, I was just caught off guard about wanting to see more about this girl. My final on The A.S.H. Stories is that its is a great series from a great author who I believe deserves praise and her work to be seen and shared. If you love sexy sci-fi then I would recommend you picking up a copy of Samantha's books. I will even go one step further and recommend getting the physical copies if you can over the digital, I know my secret book collection would not be complete with out them.

Oh! But there is more...

With all 3 of the the books that you purchase Samantha has includes bonus stories. The first time I read through the books I decided to not read the bonus stories until I read all 3 of the main. Wow... was that a big mistake. I am in frigin LOVE with them. They have a different tone from the main stories and from each other. They range from the intimate realistic range of a married couples love life to body snatching all in Samantha's tech savvy writing. You can always tell a lover's devotion by the knowledge the acquire on there kink and Sammi is a lover of sci-fi.

Samantha's collected works are:

The A.S.H. Stories
     Part 1: The Assessment
     Bonus Story: Shut Off, Turned On

     Part 2: Remote Controller
     Bonus Story: The Spark

     Part 3: Programus Interuptis
     Bonus Story: Time Management

Regardless of what format you get them in please do and support this great woman, we need her to keep making us more stuff!

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